Over 30 years of experience dedicated to the construction and commissioning of electromechanical equipment suitable for the automation of plants ranging from mills, silos, feed mills, pasta factories, dryers, packaging, bakeries, machines for urban ecology and arrive at more sophisticated machines for light alloy foundries, presses for molding ferrous and non-ferrous materials and robotics applications.

Work philosophy
Complete systems from software to hardware. Both the PLC software and the video pages of the operator panel are made by our Technical Office which also coordinates the development and implementation of the electrical diagram and electrical panels, all carefully following the current normative.

The society
The company, thanks to the continuous professional development, pays great attention to the technical and design issues; each job means developing a precise electrical design, a targeted choice of materials and technologies to be used, as well as a continuous attention to the customer's needs for the achievement of its objectives in order to guarantee concrete energy and economic savings.

The mission
Our strategy consists in continuous research of new technologies and new systems suited to obtain, in a quality / price ratio, excellent automation products to guarantee maximum results.